Visiting Yosemite National Park

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If your looking for California’s great natural wonders then Yosemite is a place to visit, and hopefully stay if you have the chance. Yosemite National Park lies on the Western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is approximately a one drive from Sonora. With an estimated ten million years in the making the natural wonders you’ll find here are worth the trip. The first thing that strikes you when visiting Yosemite is the stunning natural beauty throughout the park, as Yosemite is home to the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, including; wildlife, large open wilderness, ancient giant sequoias, great valley’s and magnificent waterfalls. The scenery and backdrops continuously amaze and as the seasons change so does the parks beauty. It’s no wonder that photographers from all around the world fall in love with these Sierra Nevada mountains.  The park is a popular destination so plan ahead to avoid traffic, sold out lodging, or seasonal closures if your looking to visit the upper elevations.  Yosemite is home to numerous hiking and walking trails, bike rentals, picnic areas, camping, calm river rafting and many other activities.  A hike to Half Dome is a spectacular hike but also a challenge, so you will need to be prepared and a permit ahead of time is required. Sight seeing, walking and exploring the trails on or around the valley floor are popular attractions among visitors. Picnicking, and playing along the Merced river and the vista point for Bridalveil Falls in the Yosemite Valley are easily reachable and accessible to most everyone. Giant Sequoia trees that grow to over 300 ft can be visited in the Mariposa, Tuolumne, and Merced Groves.  By Vehicle visitors can stop at Glacier Point, Taft Point, and Sentinel Dome, for a grand view of the valley below.  Seasonally portions of the park and the Eastern entrance may be closed, however the South entrance remains open as does the Yosemite Valley.

  • Summer is the most popular time to visit the park, when most roads are open and a greater number of adventures are possible.
  • Spring is another busy time, when Yosemite Valley’s waterfalls usually peak during April and May.
  • Fall in Yosemite has fewer crowds, as many waterfalls run dry and overnight temperatures begin to cool. The fall colors in the trees turning red, orange yellow and gold can be beautiful.
  • Winter in Yosemite offers a unique experience as the snow offer new enthusiast the opportunity to snow shoe, cross country ski, and see Yosemite’s great winter transformation

There are parking lots inside, a large convenience store with great natural and organic food offerings along with everything else. A beautiful lodge and restaurant are also available along with great coffee and shopping. The visitor center will provide all the maps and information one needs to locate and plan for seeing the park. Numerous guides and rangers are about to answer questions and trails and signs are plainly marked to help you navigate. Yosemite is  filled with nature, serenity, beauty and luxury, plan ahead and stay at the lodge is possible. A minimum of one full day is recommended to experience Yosemite National Park

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