Fun Things To Do in Murphys

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Wine Tasting
Take a stroll along Murphy’s downtown streets and you will surely appreciate the beautiful scenery and variety of wine tasting options. This is a good way to jumpstart your visit or enjoy an afternoon with plenty of selections to choose from the wine tasting options at Murphy’s are well worth adding to your list of things to enjoy.

Iron Stone
Although we could just include Iron Stone as a winery to visit for wine tasting there is much more to this location than just the wine. Iron stone is the largest venue in the area for concerts, expos, exhibits and a museum. The grounds and gardens open to the public offer and amazing combination of trails, streams and ponds with picnic areas and plenty of locations for some amazing photos. If you happen to be in the area when a concert is at Iron stone this is a venue that comes highly recommended. they do have a small deli but food offerings are limited except on special occasions.

Ghost Encounter
One of Murphy’s haunting stories are about the paranormal and the ghosts that occupy the Murphy’s Hotel. Although the current staff is a bit stuffy it is possible to get a drink or stop by to see if anything jumps out at you.

Iron Stone Museum
Enjoy the large collections of gold era finds and the worlds largest gold nugget in the iron Stone Museum call ahead to see when they are open and its free to the public.

Murphys Park
A great outdoor park with picnic benches and a playground for kids, this park also has stream running through it where kids can play in the water or enjoy a short tube ride when water levels are good.

Art Galleries
There are a number of fine artist in the motherlode area and you can find art galleries as well as Frog themed art and statues in murphy’s as well.

Dining Out
Murphy’s is a great place to enjoy a selection of dinging options and restaurants. Please see our list of top picks to find out which ones we recommend

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