Iron Stone

Iron Stone

Iron Stone Winery

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Ironstone takes its name from the impossibly hard schist and limestone formations from which the winery’s foundation and companion caverns were blasted and drilled.  Ironstone Vineyards is much more than a winery, the grounds cover approximately 100 acres and includes a large entertainment complex, tasting room and a museum that is surrounded by some spectacular gardens, wedding grounds, trails and a pond all of which seem picture perfect. The outdoor amphitheater can seat approximately  6000 guests  and features a summer concert lineup that includes some of the areas best entertainment.  Wine tasting and a deli are available during the day as well as a shop where some foods and gift items can be purchased. Check the schedule for concerts, expos, cooking classes and other demos and if you happen to be in the area this is one place you don’t want to miss.


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